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Argus Husky
25 December 1989
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Well, Im a normal (kinda) make Husky from Chicopee Mass. Im always on the look to do something fun or get out of the house. Like to sit talk to others, listen to their problems if they have any and talk about it. Like to make a difference in life. Enjoy meeting new people, trying new things and going to new places. Don't mind going out and driving to meet new people in person, would enjoy it and would get me out of the house. Usually Paintball in Agawam every weekend for fun, money, and just the feel of it. If im not doing anything else, ill be online on msn, yahoo, aim, and just listening to music till i can't keep my eyes open anymore. If you see me online on either msn yahoo or AIM dont be afraid to give me message, ill most likely message you back ^^