Fun over =[

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Removal Of a few people

I have removed a few people From my Yahoo and msn contacts that i would consider "Sluts" lol

Currently, as said before, only a few people...But this might increase as the days go by. Why am i removing these people? because they are a HUGE negative impact on my life, and think of nothing BUT sex with others.

Ace- Sorry for removing you, but hearing you talk about sex this sex that, and asking about my sex life. Then asking me to ask other people if they would have sex with you isnt exactly what i want to hear.

Eidy- Sorry to, not really, But your a HUGE slut, you said ruckus didnt love me, yeah, very true, gratz you were right. Your whole mission for moving according to your messages was to have sex with him as much as possible, dont wanna hear about it anymore. Hope you catch something from either him or a dog that you guys love beastilityy so much, just as i almost did from my ex. The way you treat your Mate is horrible, to know that you would dump him for someone else is a horrible thought lol. Againt, good bye.

Why am i posting this? cause i can. More are most likely to come, will see as the days go by.

If you feel that this is untrue, your more then welcome to send me a mail or something saying so

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Fursuit Template done

Got the template finished, by Jesskitt.

All thats left is to wait for my mate to give me a hand with the duck tape dummy, then get my measurements and order the actual fursuit. ^^

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A Gift at my door?

Well, Today i came home, cold as usual because this is the bitter winter and New England, and i saw a large box.

I was all excited becase it had my name on it, so i brought into the house and opened it up to see what this gift was.

Turns out it was a VERY VERY VERY warm, thick, soft, and large blanket. The total weight of it is about 12lbs or more. I actually took a small nap with it because i was feeling tired and it was like sleeping in Heaven. Finally something to keep me warm at night.

This gift was bought for me from my mate, hehe...Love you for that <3 *kisses* Thank you very very much, and no i didnt hear any meowing in the box =D


Lol, have a extreme Head cold, for the past..3 days now. It sucks, the only good thing out of it is no class, and i get to sleep all day long.

Ruckus got me OJ..Sucerts..and Theraflu, to make it go away (thanks for that).

Currently, Saving up for fursuit =D, should have it soon actually, and im also doing Valentines Day gifts, =3.

This post is boring, but when your stuck at home with nothing to do, you do boring things =D.
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Im sorry, erf..good bye i guess

Message to ruckus-

Well, i guess this is it..Erf..

We had a good relationship at was fun..made me the happiest person alive..and you can ask my friends that. After all went down hill...I didnt like how you treated me..but i didnt say anything..because i cared to much about you to lose you before i didnt like something. Ill tell you right now, yes, i cried every single night in my bed because of how it was.

When we met, you made me promise to not give up on you and dump you when you did something wrong, and i didnt. You promised me that a closed relationship would work fine, and everything would be ok. And it made me sooo happy to know it. But then you got worst and worst, after everything i did..i treated you all the time for food..i inculuded you on important events..

I trusted you with my personal things, and you trusted me with your very personal things that im sure im the only one who knows about them..And i respect that, all of it..i kept it all a secret and i still do from the world.

You didnt want a closed relationship anymore, you wanted to play with your friends..yes..this hurt me SO muc because you made a promise..and you got mad at me because i was sad about it..very mad..and thats unfair..I didnt want to do a open relationship...but i was willing to try it..because its what you wanted, because  i knew it would make you happy...But then..on my tell me you can't handle much more..then soon end it gave up on me..

You told me..i was cared told me i was loved, but to be considered the very opposite..i literally..almost died..twice because of this..and when i needed you wouldnt help me.. told me..even after we broke up..that i was very very very close to you..and could be considred not..Im dirt..i get it..

We both are immature idiots, your a immature idiot, and im a immature idiot..we both do stupid things, we both make stupid mistakes..Yeah, some of mine where huge mistakes, ok..i get sorry..

Im not still all over you...ill say it now..we will never date..or anything..ever ever again..because yes..i have strong, very strong..feelings for someone who has been helping me..a lot..

Ruckus i do respect your dont ever say i crushed..

Im sorry ruckus, i was a idiot..we both were..
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Update for part of the year

Well, the start of the new year has been bad for many reasons that no one really knows or needs to know about..So i have been setting up plans with friends like i said, to take my mind off things and visit.

To start, as i am currently, i am in ME visiting Anec until sunday (tomorrow). All is going fine, getting to chat with some friends and relax for the weekend which is nice.

Feb 15th i have plans to fly to MI to visit Xale and his mate for a week or so for my vacation from classes. I got the money already for the ticket, just need to get around to actually buying the ticket.

Later in april I MIGHT make a visit in Alabama to visit V.V..but thats still a maybe for now.

After this, im not 100% sure on the rest of the years plans other then FF and maybe EF for con's. o and Fursuit =3.

Thats all i know for now.


Well, The year of 2008 is over, and a new one is starting. the past year has and was horrible for the most part, so i look forward to making a better one for this year.

Im currently trying to get in touch with new Furries and some old ones to to have a chat with and maybe visit. i might even count this as one of my new years resolutions. Hoping all this works out

In other news, i got pulled over the other day in my car, the cop asked for my liscence and registration. He said my car looked like a cop car from a distance. I didnt have my liscence on me but i was fine, he was cool with it. But i still have to remove the blue neons from my car or else i wont be find.

Not much more to say, bye
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Epic Christmas party.

Well, My mate and i headed over to Bear's place for a "Small" christmas party in which only about 6 people would show up because no one RSVPD. It turned out that there was about 10-15 people there but not all of them spent the night. The day started off with a very horrible game of Apples to Apples and some rock band. After getting bord of this we all decided to throw the playing cards from the game at people in which someone got a cut on their eye.

Three or four people fursuited up and we hopped in the back of kodys truck (very illegal) to go sing some christmas songs to some random people in front of their houses..Only to get about two houses in because no one was ever home when we knocked (fail.) After a bit of frost bite we went home to warm up. Sleeping was fine, other then Ance's REALLY loud snoring at night. and maybe a broken back.

The next day came around and we made a great trip for food in the morning. To which i later went home to relax as i am doing now.

This party changed my mood a bit from what i was in before, and also brought more thoughts like.."what was the point of the question game"..and.."why does bear always comment about his own penis". This was a great party, perfect around my birthday also. I hope to do it again some time
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